VROOOM Branding Neon Sign Concept Mockup

Project Overview

As an experimental brand project, Moon Bear Design Studio developed a new logo and brand identity for a driver-less car company named “VROOOM”. Inspired by clean neon lined lighting from the movie TRON, GPS navigation marker symbols, and the letter “V”, Moon Bear merged these three concepts to create a new brand identity that is timeless, futuristic, geometric and modern.

The Challenge

The challenge was to design a logo that would combine 3 visual concepts into one unified “V” mark. After digitally experimenting with numerous layouts and style treatments for the “V” letter logo mark the clean line style that embodied a navigation direction marker, the “V” letter form, and 3 roadway lines tapering at the top.

In order to achieve movement and cohesiveness in the new logo mark, the simple lines of the “V” taper at the top of the “V” to create a sense of perspective and also represent the lines of a roadway. As you can see the lettermark of the logo is seamingly simple but also very complex in it’s multitude of visual representations.


  • Designed in 2019
  • Branding Identity pieces designed included logo, icon designs, business cards, basic branding guidelines, and a few example usage mockups on apparel and in environmental signage.
VROOOM Driver-less Car Company Brand Logo Color Variants
VROOOM Driver-less Car Company Brand Secondary Logo Color Variants
VROOOM Logo Design Concept Inspiration
VROOOM Logo Construction, Color Palette, and Patterns
VROOOM Brand Pattern set
VROOOM Logo Clear space guidance
VROOOM Brand Neon Lettermark Concept Mockup
VROOOM Brand Identity T-Shirt and V-Shaped Business Card Mockup
VROOOM Outdoor Sign Mockup
VROOOM Driverless Car Icon Designs
VROOOM Driverless Car Icon Designs
VROOOM Poster Design Mockup

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