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Rockwell Partners Branding Identity Stationary Pieces

Project Overview

Rockwell Partners is a full service real estate firm that was in need of a new, fresh, modern brand identity design and website design.

The Challenge

The overall challenge was to create a logo mark that incorporated the idea of real estate services through a symetrical, geometric mark with simple shapes found in architecture and the letter "R". After digitally experimenting with numerous layouts and style treatments a new logo mark combining 2 mirrored inter-locking lower-case "r" shapes was chosen as the company's new identity.

The color scheme requested by the client was inspired by a Chicago based sports team. The primary 2 color, complimentary color palette utilized was meant to create contrast, cohesion and a sense of strong confidence.


  • Designed in 2013
  • Branding Identity pieces designed included logo, business cards and desktop web site design.
Rockwell Partners Logo Color Variants
Rockwell Partners Logo Construction
Rockwell Partners Logo Clear space
Rockwell Partners Business Cards

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