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Northport Investments Branding Identity Stationary Pieces

Project Overview

Northport Investments looks for only the most unique investment opportunities for their clients. This uniqueness in there offerings was a concept they wanted to see reflected in their brand. They were looking to update and modernize there brand identity with a more timeless, forward thinking look and feel.

The overall goals of this project were to create a timeless, warm, and inviting brand identity and web site for this private equity investment firm.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create a new lighthouse mark that incorporated the idea of hi-end investments/luxury and trustworthy service through the "guiding force" symbolism of the lighthouse in a clean, professional way. After digitally experimenting with numerous layouts and style treatments of a lighthouses on the ground to reinforce the concept of stability with waves a mark was chosen that reflected all the values they expected. The 3 windows are suppose to represent the 3 founding principals of the Company.

The color palette chosen of the dark sea greens, navy, and light golds was meant to give Northport a hi-end, professional, and trustworthy feel and to reinforce the nautical theme of the logo itself.


  • Designed in 2011
  • Branding Identity pieces designed included logo, business cards, letterhead, envelope, and desktop web site design.
Northport Investments Logo Color Variants
Northport Investments Logo Construction
Northport Investments Logo Clear space
Northport Investments Branding Website Design
Northport Investments Embroidered Logo

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