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Moon Bear Design Studio Branding Identity Stationary Pieces

Project Overview

Moon Bear Design Studio is the bolder new brand identity for artist and designer Chris Zahos. Ever since Chris was a child he was in awe of the grand design found in nature and that has been his driving source for creative inspiration.

The idea for Chris' new brand identity stems from his strong affinity for the celestial bodies, particularly the moon and his spirit animal, the bear. One day he stumbled across an article about a bear that lives in Korea called the 'Moon Bear.' This rare, marvelous creature seemed to be the perfect symbol to build an identity from given that it represents the beauty, honesty, strength, and intelligence that Chris brings to his creative process.

The Challenge

The most challenging aspect of this project was creating a logo mark of a Moon Bear that was welcoming and friendly, yet bold, wise, and strong. All the imagery I found of the moon bear in the wild were very aggressive looking and fierce. I explored many different concepts with using the whole silhoutte of the bear from the side as well as just the head and crescent chest mark. I was very happy with the resulting mark of the front facing bear head and chest within the moon shaped background. Once I had the logo mark built the rest of the visual identity came together quite nicely.


  • Designed in 2014
  • Made for Chris Zahos' freelance graphic design business and personal portfolio
  • Branding Identity pieces designed included logo, business cards, letterhead, envelope, basic branding guidelines, and fully responsive web site.
Moon Bear Design Studio Logo Color Variants
Moon Bear Design Studio Logo Construction
Moon Bear Design Studio Logo Clear space
Moon Bear Design Studio Responsive Website
Moon Bear Design Studio Branding Identity Business Cards

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