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Mexi-Snax Brochure Design

Project Overview

Mexi-Snax was preparing to launch a new marketing campaign for their popular tortilla chips called "From the Field to Your Table" and was looking for a warm, earthy, vintage logo for the new campaign to promote the freshness and authenticity behind their tortilla chips. They also needed a brochure, flyer, new packaging design, and a tradeshow roll-up banner designed.

The overall goals of this project were to create a warm, earthy logo and supporting packaging design and promotional print materials.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create a logo that paired well with their beautiful Mexi-Snax logo design in terms of color, typography, shape, and style. The new packaging was also a challenge as it had to look new, colorful, and modern, yet timeless and established. Finding just the right color palette inspired by multi-colored corn varieties and wood textures and patterns was huge step in creating a cohesive brand identity pieces for the new campaign.


  • Designed in 2012.
  • Services delivered in this project were logo design and print design (including tradeshow banner, flyers, and packaging design).
Mexi-Snax Field to Table Logo Color Variants
Mexi-Snax Packaging Design
Mexi-Snax Flyer Design
Mexi-Snax Field to Table Roll-up Banner Design
Mexi-Snax Roll-up Banner Design

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