Etsy Branding Packaging Design Concept Mockups

Project Overview

As an experimental brand project, Moon Bear Design Studio developed a new logo and brand identity for the popular on-line retailer “Etsy”. Inspired from the Art Deco design period, Moon Bear drew inspiration from the clean lines and geometric forms to create a new brand identity that is timeless, elegant, playful and modern.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create a mark that was upscale and elegant yet also a bit playful. After digitally experimenting with numerous layouts and style treatments of the letter “E” the clean line style ended up being the winner.

Achieving some perspective and dimension in the new logo mark while keeping it clean and modern was another challenge. The simple geometric forms were slightly rotated along the z-axis to give them the feel of childrens’ blocks or toys. By adding this perspective, it achieved a playful yet elegant logo mark comprised of simple shapes representing the variety of unique products sold on


  • Designed in 2019
  • Branding Identity pieces designed included logo, business cards, letterhead, envelope, basic branding guidelines book, and example usage mockups.
Etsy Re-brand Logo Color Variants
Etsy Logo Design Concept Inspiration
Etsy Logo Construction, Color Palette, and Patterns
Etsy Logo Clear space guidance
Etsy Brand Identity Stationary Mockup
Etsy Brand Identity Apparell Mockup with Tshirt and Hat
Etsy Logo Gold Foil Stamp Mockup
Etsy Square Business Cards Mockup

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