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Project Overview

Blissful Home creates simple all natural cleaning products that promote wellness of the mind, body, and soul by using the aromatheraputic properties of essential oils integrated in their products. They were looking for a web site redesign for their ecommerce site that captured the clean, fresh, environmentally conscious, and inviting essence of their products. In addition, the redesign was needed to help increase awareness of the new ways urban mom's clean their homes and increase sales.

The overall goal of this project was to integrate their existing branding and products into a website that reflected their values and principles as a "green" company.

The Challenge

The challenge was capturing the feeling of the fresh, invigorating scents found in their products visually. I eventually accomplished this through rounded wavy shapes evoking fresh scents and soft rounded corners throughout to keep things feminine and soft. My other goal was to keep the UI very clean, but also inviting with intelligent use of color on hover states and call-to-action buttons where needed to further enforce the cohesion of the brands visual elements.


  • Designed in 2012
  • Services delivered in this project were web design, UX design, and some packaging design.
Blissful Home Web Design on Tablet
Blissful Home Web Design Page
Blissful Home Packaging Design for Cleaner Concetrate Packet Labels
Blissful Home Website Design

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