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Harvest Brands Oils Package Design

Project Overview

Adams Vegetable Oils was looking for a warm, earthy, vintage, upscale logo for their new line of high-quality specialty cooking oils named Harvest Brands. There was an additional need for packaging label design needed to support their 7 new specialty oils.

The overall goals of this project were to create a timeless vintage logo and supporting packaging design materials.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create a logo that would work well in 7 different color variations to that would be unique to each oil product offered. The logo not only had to have a timeless appeal but also an upscale look as well. The seal shaped concept that was delivered which had included a combination of a custom farm field illustration and vintage woodcut serif typeface really captured the overall vision for the brand.


  • Designed in 2013.
  • Services delivered in this project were logo design, custom illustrated icons, and print design (including tradeshow banner, Flyer, and packaging label design).
Harvest Brands Logo Color Variants
Harvest Brands Flyer Design
Harvest Brands Roll-up Banner Design

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